Ryabaga Camp on the Ponoi

At Home in the wilderness

Wilderness luxury, a new level of comfort in the Russian tundra

Ryabaga Camp is a village of busy staff and content guests enjoying their fishing in a wonderful wilderness setting. Our camp consists of 10 guest buildings housing two cabins each, these cabins have a queen bed, 24hr heating, and an en-suite bathroom. Ask any staff member for anything and you will find them responsive and focused on looking after you. 

Thoughts on Ponoi by regular guest, Peter Barlow...

Peter Barlow first visited Ryabaga Camp in 2009 and has since returned every year for many years, sometimes fishing both the spring and autumn seasons. We thank him for his fluid comments about Ryabaga Camp which, amazingly, were filmed in one take with no script!

The big tent and its social life

What makes Ryabaga SO special!

The Big Tent is the social hub of the camp. It has a fine bar at one end with upholstered seating around the fire. The tackle room is annexed to this end of the tent. Its main objective is to ensure that guests have the right flies at all times and that if anything is lost or broken it can be replaced. There are two long tables, one for guests and one for staff. This has always made Ryabaga a special place because guests and staff enjoy the social life in camp. At the far end is the main door with the coffee machines and toaster and another fire. This is an important area in camp where photographs of all the guests and staff are posted as well as the all important beat rotation.

Single, ensuite cabins for every guest

Queen-sized bed with ensuite bathroom amd 24hr hot water, power and wi-fi

At Home in the wilderness

Each guest enjoys their own comfortable, warm, wooden cabin with queen-sized bed and ensuite bathroom with 24hr hot water, electricity and internet (email access). Ryabaga Camp stands alone with its level of service and accommodation. The cold mornings and chilly nights are now replaced by time to recharge for the next day's battles and to dream of fish to be caught.

World class food in the middle of the tundra

Ryabaga food is considered by many as the finest camp food anywhere

Although guests do not often visit the kitchen they are welcome to do so at any time. At Ryabaga camp we recognise that both staff and guests are using considerable energy, often in inclement weather, and our food is designed to respond to this. Led by its two head chefs, and a team of six, we try to provide the finest restaurant quality food possible within the challenges of a wilderness setting where food deliveries can only be made once a week. All pastries and cookies are freshly baked every day. Breakfast is hot and/or cold cereal, an assortment of yoghurts, hot toast, eggs cooked as you like them and fresh fruit etc. Lunches are picnics on the river to include the famous Ryabaga hot soups, cold meats, cheeses, fresh baked bread and signature cookies and fresh fruit. Tea, coffee or hot chocolate is provided as requested. Dinner begins with hors d’oeuvres and then a soup dish, fresh salad, a main course which varies from hot smoked salmon to King crab to pork or reindeer or moose. The Ryabaga desserts are renowned, just like the cookies!

Ryabaga Camp

Has always been regarded as the top choice for service, food and comfort

What makes Ryabaga Camp special is the attention to detail and the attitude of the team in camp. Every detail has been thought of and nothing is too much trouble for anyone.

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