Ponoi River Camp Staff

Let us introduce our camp staff
Anya Staroverova
Camp Staff/Hostess

Anya has worked on Ponoi since 2014, though she spends most of the year in Murmansk. In 2013 she graduated from University certfied as an English teacher; she speaks both English and German. Her hobbies include historical dancing, table-games, and handcrafts.

Liza Fatieva
Camp Staff

Liza Fatieva earned her University degree in 2011 and became certified as a French and English teacher. Following graduation, she worked in tourism, taking a post on a cruise ship traveling to the US and Mexico. Liza joined the PRC Team in 2014; her hobbies include music, traveling, and reading. In December 2017 Liza and Ryabaga Head Chef Anton Sidunov became parents of son Zakhar.

Katia Antoniuk
Camp Staff/Barmaid

Katia joined Ryabaga team on 2014. After a couple seasons in the kitchen Katia went for a change and is now part of the camp staff. She has worked in a few of the finest restaurants in Murmansk, pours great cocktails, loves music and is the officially in charge of amusing all events at Ryabaga at the pase of her tunes.

Sveta Maltceva
Camp Staff

Sveta has been working with the Ponoi River Company since 2013. She enjoys sports, reading, and sewing. Sveta is also an accomplished dressmaker and sews many of her own clothes. She has 2 children, a son and a daughter, and is married to our Camp Doctor.

Anastasya Grudka
Camp Staff

Anastasya Grudka hails from Murmansk, and finished secondary school with a certification as a manager in Hotel Service. Anastasia resided in St Petersburg for a spell, working in an administrative capacity. She returned to Murmansk to work with PRC, and to engage in her hobbies of snowboarding, studying languages, jogging, enjoying nature, and hairdressing.

Lena Ogannesyan
Camp Staff - Massage Therapist

Lena has worked on the Ponoi since 2000. She lives in St. Petersburg with her husband, Head Guide Max Mamaev, and daughter. Lena was an accomplished ballroom dancer in her youth, though her passions now are sports, reading, and kayaking. She is well known by loyal Ponoi devotees as our talented resident masseuse.

Edward Maltcev
Camp Doctor

Dr. Edward Maltsev, Paramedic and Psychologist, served in the "SPU" (Special Police Unit) for the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Russia from 1996 to 2009. He  also served the UN Civilian Mission in Kosovo in 2000 and 2001, and the European Union Police Mission in Bosnia-Herzegovina from 2004 until 2006. Dr. Maltsev retired from service in 2009 and now enjoys his days looking after the staff, crew, and guests in Ryabaga.