The Ponoi can be

what you want it to be...

The Ponoi can be

what you want it to be...

enjoying a buzzing fishing community of guests and staff...

A love of being

Alone on the river

Want to be left alone, wander the river all night under the midnight sun, try flies you have never dreamt of using, Ponoi is waiting for you!

The peace of mind of

A good guide

The comfort of


A per-rod, per-week average of 30 plus fish across an 18-week season over more than 25 years, this is what we call reliable!

The pleasure of

A fine fishing camp

Generations of guests love Ryabaga Camp for far more than the fishing, it is also the staff and the unparalleled level of service and cuisine...

Welcome to Ryabaga Camp on the Ponoi River

The finest, wilderness Atlantic salmon fishing on the planet

Spring Fishing

Extraordinary numbers of salmon willing to aggressively take wet and skated flies, with the bonus of fishing under the midnight sun.

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Summer Fishing

Superb value, almost exclusively floating line, technical salmon fishing with wet and skated flies the bonus of the summer run and the midnight sun.

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Autumn Fishing

Marvel at the power of the revered Fall-run Ponoi salmon while enjoying the autumn colours and northern lights on a frosty evening.

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At Home in the wilderness

Enjoy the warmth of your single, ensuite wooden cabin with 24 hour power and heating with unparalleled level of service and cuisine in camp.

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The Incomparable Ponoi

What other Atlantic salmon river in the world can boast a per-rod, per-week average of 30 or more fish across an 18-week season over more than 20 years? Generally the spring season averages 30 to 40+ fish per rod, the summer 20 to 30 fish and the autumn 20 to 35 fish per rod. For guests to catch over 100 fish in a week is not uncommon. If you want to be certain of catching a salmon, Ponoi is undoubtedly the most reliable option, even in the worst conditions. It is these simple facts that make Ryabaga Camp on the Ponoi 'Incomparable'.

Versatile Fishing

The Ponoi can be what you want to make of it.

Wade... experiment... learn... relax...

Want to be left alone to wade all day along 5 km beats reading water for yourself? No problem. Want to fish all night in the Home Pool or walk up or down river from camp and explore? No problem. Want to try all sorts of different flies and techniques and daft ideas like skated ear-plugs? Go for it. The Ponoi offers all this and more.

Maybe you are older and requiring a steady platform to cast from? Maybe you are learning and need good guides to teach you? The Ponoi offers all this and more too, thus extending salmon fishing careers for some and starting many a career for others.

Salmon fishing is all about building a bank of experience, what better place to get that experience under the watchful eye of top class guides and teachers?

Almost Endless Fishing

How we fish and how we get there

The camp hovercraft is used to transport guests to remote beats in warmth and comfort. On arrival at their beat, guests transfer to their boat for the day before being picked up in the evening to enjoy the journey home with a cold beer or cup of tea or coffee. The hovercraft can carry four groups (four guides and eight guests) at any one time. 


Boats are used to travel to and around your beat as well as to fish from to reach lies that cannot be reached wading. Or to cast to the bank to swing the fly away to great effect. They are also used to carry equipment from lunches to safety equipment and guest’s personal equipment such as spare fishing tackle, extra clothes and cameras etc.


Guests can wade all day if they wish, they simply have to let their guide know their preference. Wading in the spring is easy because the fish are closer to the bank, as the water drops deeper wading may be required. There is nothing better than time on the water alone to wade for miles and miles reading the water for yourself.


The camp has a fully stocked tackle shop covering rods, reels, lines and a huge selection of flies to cover the varying water conditions. There is branded clothing if guests feel they need an extra layer or two. The tackle shop can also loan rods and loaded reels for the week and have back-up waders and wading jackets in case of emergency.

Wilderness Luxury

Over thirty staff including 12 guides, 4 mechanics, 6 chefs, a doctor and camp masseuse look after a maximum of twenty guests in camp. Each guest enjoys their own comfortable, warm, wooden cabin with queen-sized bed and ensuite bathroom with 24hr hot water and electricity and internet. The main social hub of the camp is the ‘Big Tent’ which has two burning stoves, a fully stocked bar and tables to seat all guests and camp staff which makes the camp uniquely sociable. Adjacent is the camp tackle shop with all necessary equipment to buy or borrow. There is a gym, a camp surgery (with camp medic) and a massage service. The cuisine has always been a hallmark of the camp and is consistently admired given its location in the tundra. It produces fresh pastries each morning, superb river lunches and western dinner menus with the occasional Russian touch.

Ryabaga Camp and its facilities

Generations of guests love the Ponoi for far more than the fishing, it is the staff and their fellow guests that often make the trip.

"I promised myself that I would fish in Russia as soon as I retired. Speaking to people who had been before I had high expectations that fishing with Frontiers and the Ponoi River Co would be good but the whole experience far exceeded my expectations. If I could think of a way to improve things I would let you know but I can't!"

Bill Sandford