Ponoi River Mechanics

Let us introduce our team of mechanics
Tolik Kustnesov
Chief Mechanic

Tolik has worked in Ryabaga Camp since 2014, and has been a great asset to the Mechanic Team. He is a talented welder, a fine general mechanic, and skilled shovel operator. He is married to Marina who works with us in the Kitchen.

Genia Flidner

Genia celebrated his tenth season in Ryabaga in 2001, and is our longest serving staff member. Genia started as an engineer on trawlers and oil rigs, and this expertise in engineering is to thank for the remarkable plumbing systems in Ryabaga, and some of the world's most remote flush toilets and hot showers. Genia is a beloved member of the Ryabaga Team.

Boris Machnev
Boats Mechanic

Boris is a legendary Ponoi character; he is always quick with a joke, a witty retort, or a celebratory shot of vodka. Though Boris retired from guiding after the 2006 season, he returns to Camp to ensure the mechanical function of boats, motors, and small engines. His ability to provide humor and good times is also, of course, invaluable.

Dimitri Shulakov

Dima lives in Murmansk with his wife and 4-year-old son. He has spent the summer months here on Ponoi since 2014. Dima has done extensive work in various capacities on commercial fishing vessels. Being formally trained as a technical programmer, he is also always ready to assist in anything aspect of camp function. Dima enjoys snowboarding and is a skilled photographer.

Sergei Melnik

Sergei joins the Mechanic Team for the second part of 2016 season, but he has been a familiar face in Camp over the past 5 seasons. Sergei was the man leading the construction crew that  changed the face of Ryabaga for good. He was in charge, among other projects, of building the 11 new Cabins, the Guest House and its brand new Banya, and the Big House. He is also an expert electrician and his knowledge of all systems is invaluable.

Sergei Zhurin
Mechanic/Hovercraft Pilot

Sergei has been a pivotal member of the Ponoi team for well over a decade. He is the single most driven member of the Ryabaga crew, and models the work ethic of the entire staff with a quiet intensity. Sergei is a thoughtful, talented, and tremendously capable member of the Team.

Sergei Bistrov

Sergei Bistrov was born in Umba, and joined the Army after completing his education. In 1996, Sergei started working at the Umba Lodge for Loop Tackle Design as a diesel engineer, then moved into a guide role. He worked at Umba Lodge as a guide until 2003. From 2003-2005 Sergei worked for an enterprise called Silver of Ponoi, then took a guide position in Ryabaga in 2005. He has worked on the Ponoi ever since, both as a guide and more recently on the Mechanic Team. Sergey has three children and five grandchildren, and he enjoys engineering, mechanics, fishing, and construction. Though he is a full-time Mechanic, he still guides a bit on Ponoi.