The Ryabaga Camp Team

Experienced staff to help make your holiday perfect

Life in camp

Around the Ryabaga camp are staff accommodation buildings that they call home for the season. You are never far from help because there is always someone about particularly with 14 or more guides in camp. The guides are a team of talented individuals drawn from all over the world including half from Russia. We have had guides from the UK, Argentina, the USA, New Zealand, South Africa and Canada. Whether Russian or from further afield they all speak English and are true professional guides capable of teaching all disciplines of spey casting as well as single-handed rod casting. The combination of decades of experience on the river from the Russian team as well as international experience from both the Russians and the foreign guides makes for a very strong and dedicated guide team. All guides are trained to drive the jet boats and have CPR training. 

Our International Guide Team

English speaking spey casting specialists

Ready to help at all times

On many Atlantic salmon rivers around the world, a guide simply serves to indicate where the fish are. Often instruction is communicated in a foreign language, and the angler is left largely to his own devices. Ponoi guides can certainly remain hands-off if you wish, but otherwise, you will find them among the most pro-active and knowledgeable in the world. We draw our guide team from around the world and insist on a degree of longevity to ensure our clients enjoy an ever-improving experience. Guides are trained in the use of jet boats, helicopter safety and CPR, and it goes without saying that all Ponoi guides are expert fishermen and pleasant company. We think that the guides on the Ponoi make a huge difference to the experience not only in catching fish but also in the expansion of knowledge in fishing and casting techniques. Countless numbers of guests return feeling that their time with the guides was a revelation on all matters fishing related.

As any fishing season arrives, it is our pleasure to "unveil" the team that will masterfully introduce Ponoi anglers to the river's famed Atlantic salmon. We chose the finest guides from the rivers of Russia, Argentina, Scotland, and the USA, and have in turn assembled a team of unsurpassed technical knowledge and angling experience. We are pleased to introduce a truly premium group of gentlemen as Ponoi's lineup each season.

Our Mechanics

Keeping Ryabaga running smoothly at all times, boats, hovercraft, generators, vehicles, hot water everything...

The Ponoi camp has become as famous as the fishing that it accesses. Many guests who come to the Ponoi for the first time marvel at the standard of service and facilities. A combination of long-serving, well-trained Russian and Western staff makes up an impressive and proud, service-orientated, in-camp team. To keep the camp running smoothly we enjoy a team of four or more mechanics each season.

Camp Staff

Friendly and helpful at all times

In any remote sporting camp, attention to detail makes for a peak experience. Ryabaga has long separated itself by creating an oasis in the tundra, and a living experience that is without rival. This goal relies heavily on a dedicated Camp Staff, who look after the elements of camp life that make Ryabaga so comfortable, and indeed so special. These hard-working staff members take great pride in assuring that guest's needs are exceeded at every turn. It is the attention to detail whether it be the five-star food or the logistics of piecing together supplies from as far away as the US and UK through to Helsinki, St Petersburg and Murmansk that makes this operation great - we are truly proud of our team.

Ponoi Camp Team

A full team to make sure everything is perfect

The greatest asset to Ryabaga camp is its staff. There is a team of 40 staff, sometimes more when things are busy. There is a manager and manageress, a team of eight mechanics, A team of six chefs along with three kitchen staff to support, six domestic staff, a camp doctor, and 14 guides. We also have one permanent and two part-time scientists to keep the Ponoi tagging projects going, this project has been on-going for 27 years. Each member of the camp knows their job extremely well and are an important cog in a very well oiled machine.

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