Ponoi River Management

Let us introduce our management team
Yana Tsukanova
General Director

After many years of service at PRC, Yana Tsukanova took over the role of General Director in July 2018. Yana is a native of Umba in the Murmansk region; while in Umba she received her early education and training at the volleyball sport center, graduating in 2006. After leaving Umba, Yana enrolled at Retrozavodsky University where she focused her studies in the Economics and Philological departments. She received her degrees as an Economist and English Language Translator in 2011. Yana has been a long-time friend of PRC. She started her work for the company in 2008 and spent many seasons in the varied roles of camp staff, hostess, and Assistant Manager at Ryabaga Camp. In the off-season she served as an Economist for the Umba Local Authorities and put her love of athletics to good use as a volleyball instructor. In October 2017 Yana joined the PRC Murmansk Office Team in the role of Deputy General Director. When Yana is not working she maintains an active athletic lifestyle, spending much of her time engaged in volleyball, swimming, running, and cross-country skiing.

Agustin Cruz Lo Greco
Ryabaga Camp Manager

Agustin Lo Greco, better known as Agus, joined the Ryabaga Team as a guide in 2011. Agus is a native of Argentina who spent most of his childhood in the rural regions of Argentinian Patagonia. He picked up a fly rod for the first time when he was nine years old, following in the footsteps of both his father and his four older brothers, all of whom were avid fly anglers. Agus’ passion for fly fishing rapidly became an obsession, and immediately after finishing high school he accepted his first guiding post near his hometown of Bariloche. In 2007 he joined “the majors”, and took on a guide position at Kau Tapen lodge on Argentina’s illustrious Rio Grande. It was there that he met PRC CEO Steve Estela, Ryabaga Head Guide Max Mamaev, and many other professionals who would help steer him into a career in international destination angling. Not long after, Agus accepted the offer to join Ryabaga’s "dream team”, and the rest is history. He has been a beloved and loyal element of the Ponoi experience for nearly a decade, in which time he has proven himself an invaluable asset to the Ryabaga guide staff. Agus enjoys every aspect of fly fishing, from casting a fly line to exploring the nuances of rod and line design, and everything in between. If the topic has anything to do with fly fishing, then Agus is interested. That said, he remains a bit of a renaissance man: though he can claim a degree as a Professor of Musical Arts who loves playing music, he is equally competent welding a boat, or building a piece of furniture in the Ryabaga woodshop. Agus is certainly an eclectic man, and one we entrust with the coveted position of Ryabaga Camp Manager.

Sasha Cheplukhov
Supply Manager

Sasha has been responsible for supplying the camps for over 10 years. A trully dedicated paerson to ensure that what ever is requested gets to camp on the next helicopter. Proud father of a boy Sasha is a 24-7 all year round memeber of the Team. His behind the scenes duties are vital to keep Ryabag running smooth.